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Cardiovascular System: Infrequent: vasodilatation, QT interval extended, migraine headache, bradycardia, analytical ischemia, irregular rhythm, T wave problem, bundle branch block, cerebrovascular accident, deep thrombophlebitis, T wave inversion; Rare: angina pectoris, atrial fibrillation, AV block initial level, congestive heart failing, ST elevated, thrombophlebitis, T wave flattening, ST irregularity, raised QRS period.

Metabolic as well as Nutritional System: Infrequent: weight-loss, alkaline phosphatase increased, hyperlipemia, alcohol intolerance, dehydration, hyperglycemia, creatinine boosted, hypoglycemia; Rare: glycosuria, gout, hand edema, hypokalemia, water intoxication.

Skin and also Appendages System: Infrequent: pruritus, acne, dermatitis, contact dermatitis, maculopapular rash, seborrhea, skin ulcer; Rare: exfoliative dermatitis, psoriasis, skin discoloration.

Urogenital System: Infrequent: dysmenorrheal2, vaginitis2, urinary system incontinence, metrorrhagia2, impotence2, dysuria, vaginal moniliasis2, uncommon ejaculation2, cystitis, urinary system regularity, amenorrhea2, women lactation2, leukorrhea2, vaginal hemorrhage2, vulvovaginitis2, orchitis2; Rare: gynecomastia2, nocturia, polyuria, severe kidney failing.

Special Senses: Infrequent: conjunctivitis, unusual vision, completely dry eyes, tinnitus, taste perversion, blepharitis, eye pain; Rare: irregularity of accommodation, hearing problems, glaucoma.

Adults: In placebo-controlled monotherapy medical tests entailing 3368 clients on quetiapine fumarate and 1515 on sugar pill, the occurrence of at the very least one event of neutrophil matter <1.0 x 109/L among patients with a normal baseline neutrophil count and at least one available follow up laboratory measurement was 0.3% (10/2967) in patients treated with quetiapine fumarate, compared to 0.1% (2/1349) in patients treated with placebo[see Warnings and Precautions (5.


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